About the service

Safe and comfortable transport for disabled or special needs passengers.

Whether it's an airport transfer, a trip to the shops, family event or a night out,.. our vehicle is fully wheelchair accessible with ramps, grab handles and wheelchair restraint belts, to provide maximum safety and comfort for you.

Our friendly and experienced drivers will be pleased to assist you in and out of our specially adapted vehicle, to ensure your ride is a smooth and happy one.


1) Register on our website and submit your disability badge

2) Be prepared to demonstrate your disability evidence to the driver

3) Do not use the service without a real need (i.e.: for fun or short distances)

4) We remain the right to reject your order if you do not comply with our T&C

5) This is our charity service and we operate with a limited resources 

"My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible "​
- Stella Young -
"Our aim and pride is to make the broader environment accessible and the journey remarkable for you whenever you need us"
- The Xclusive Vehicles Ltd -
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